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Vi säljer inte längre några produkter (till privatpersoner) i vår webbshop utan endast till lag/föreningar/klasser samt för direktleverans till kiosker/serveringar etc
Men på www.bodystore.com och www.apotea.se finns det mesta...

Join Our Fight on Sugar!

We all love sugar but we don't want to give ourself (or the ones you love) sugar because of love. You can't win. Unless you pick our delicious products with no added sugar. Then you can't loose. Win! 

Our brands

LUB Foods is a company dedicated to creating and distributing products that taste great, but are also good for you and the ones you love. Click on each brand name for more info.


Cutting edge snacks and confectionery that makes you feel great, not only when you eat it but also afterwards.


World leading sweeteners and baking mixes with a low blood sugar impact.


The original foot exfoliation treatment that gives you soft and supple feet with a just 1-hour treatment.

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